Monday, June 22, 2020

good dev articles

Underrated HTML tags - big fan of details/summary, hadn't heard about progress...

I have a hard time being snarky about clichéd font choices, but this article has some good counter-suggestions as well.

10 Tips and Tricks That Will Make You a Better ReactJS Dev - I think the title is misleading, but it's a great overview of some of the more recent trends in React land - Functional Components w/ Hooks, Context API, Styled-Components, Fragments, Error Boundaries, Typescript, Jest/Enzyme Testing, Conditionals, Higher-Order-Components, React Dev-Tools, Plug-ins for VS Code.

Here's a trick for better names for Styled Components - just the other day we noticed that was kind of a problem, nice to know there's a fix for it, setting .displayName on the styled.whatever`thing`.

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