Friday, June 5, 2020

running your own npm repository with verdaccio

Verdaccio seems pretty good to set up your own local npm repository, like a poor man's artifactory (guess these all have passthroughs to the main npm).  Here's a decent walkthrough for a hello, world.

UPDATE A few weeks later, I'm more fond of verrdaccio. My guess is that using it is a more "real" experience than using `npm link` when you're pulling from your local repos, and it smoothly passes through requests for all the other packages that's aren't local, so
npm set registry http://localhost:4873/
is a safe enough thing to do - but then you have to make sure it starts up every time you log in or run it yourself (I kind of like having it in a background terminal window and watching it handle all those requests, especially now that I have an extra vertical monitor to run it on.)

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