Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So this past weekend I participated in Ludum Dare 23, a 48-hour game jam and competition (those are two events, one cooperative and team-based, the other competitive.) The theme was "Tiny Worlds", and the end product for me and my team was the Java game "microrail".

As you can seee, I was the main programmer but the concept (and the Lisp program to generate and test puzzles) was Glenn Iba - this is well-worn territory for him, he's made a very similar game with his son that's available for iOS.

Still, I wanted to make a game that was outside my usual genres, and it was nice to let it be an exercise in UI and presentation. 

Processing is a great toolkit for this kind of thing, but the end result was rather processesor intensive (the map puzzle is actually drawing all the lines and circles of all the other puzzles) and sound playback continues to be one of the most challenging parts of coding in Processing, as it also is for html5/canvas games...

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