Tuesday, August 30, 2022

i can has :has?

 Man, the new :has pseudo-class sounds pretty great! Unfortunately browser coverage is poor. Still the ability to do a query based on the children in it, like 

figure:has(figcaption) {

  background: white;

  padding: 0.6rem;


seems awesome

Somehow it reminds me of James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher....

Monday, August 29, 2022

iOS tip of the day: view JUST photos or JUST videos in Photos app on iPhone

TL/DR: iOS Photo Albums have a "..." menu item including "Filter" for "Videos","Photos","Edited", and and "Favorites"

I've been doing 1 Second Everyday for years now, so I impulsively take a lot of quick snippet video footage - but when I'm browsing for post-worthy photos on my phone, I don't really want to see all the videos.

I assumed this would be accomplished via some kind of smart folder or album, but according to r/ios the best path is to just use the filter under the "..." menu that each album holds. A little fiddly but good enough,

Thursday, August 25, 2022

cheaters never prosper but sometimes we have more fun at wordle

 So, Spoilers for Aug 25's Wordle....

Here was my share:

Wordle 432 4/6

So had the first 3 letters... and knew I had all the vowels after step 2... but I wasn't seeing the answer and running all the permutations seemed tiresome, so I hopped over to jsitor (better than codepen as a js sandbox I think) and came up with

const letters = 'qwopfghjlzxcvbnm';

Yeah, the answer was "clown". Darn w-blends :-D I knew it as soon as I saw the second entry "cloqw"

Definitely not as cheat-y as going to a specialized website or even using /usr/dict/words , and actually I prefer a little programming exercise to gutting it out when the answer isn't showing up for me.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

give 'em the hook

 In one of those - am I being smarter or dumber than the person whose code I'm looking at, I was examining a big custom hook, and trying to figure out why it was a hook and not just a function. I was stackoverflowing react custom hooks vs normal functions, what is the difference and found a pretty good video about hooks in general, and making a case they can be a worthwhile layer for business logic apart from the UI:

Monday, August 15, 2022

the blind helping the blind

THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF SCREEN READERS ("For decades, blind programmers have been creating the tools their community needs")

Great read, especially for learning about JAWS vs NVDA.

For me, cognition is so entwined with vision, which in turn is entangled with how I approach programming, that it's daunting to consider a life not laid out on a 2D surface I can quickly skim...

Friday, August 12, 2022

the old palm, the new palm

 I loved my old Palm Pilot - I never had a Handspring Visor (and kind of disliked the design of them) but man, was it ahead of its time...

Great video. Also check out CloudPilotEmu for some impressive in-browser emulation.

websites for decades

 Nice post on what it takes to run a fansite across decades.

I've been running the Blender of Love since the mid-90s. It's now a bit of a zombie but still gets the occasional new piece... and my blog has been going since the last days of the year Y2K. But I've sort of lost my audience. And like I don't even know if being less mobile friendly has hurt my google juice..but I've never been about that life anyway.

"simplify simplify simplify" - should that be just "simplify"

How to OVER Engineer a Website... I really need to get better at deploying personal projects beyond just uploading stuff to by VPS...     

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

the swagger of the right apps and the right interface

Admittedly, this probably reflects a bit of a "slow season" for my devblog (not that I have much of a permanent audience base), but I just want to pontificate more on the apps I use for my personal information management, and wouldn't even mind hearing from others (kirkjerk at gmail dot com)

Recently I wrote about switching the core of my task tracking from 2Do (iOS + Mac, but the synching via dropbox was spotty at best) to the app Tot. Besides the superior synching between laptop and phone, I'm really appreciating the "freeform" aspect a text-ish document offers for sublists and task order. 2Do was special in presenting color-coded categories for tasks, and having contents of all categories viewable in a single scrolling list, but didn't have great facility for manually reordering a list or easily changing creating and changing and reordering categories. I do plan to continue using it for recurring and due-date based tasks.

The temptation to hunt for "one app to rule them all" is great, but I think there's much to be said for different apps for different kinds of information recording. Besides different apps having various strengths and weaknesses, the visual differences between apps aids in mental "muscle memory". (I think this was why Steve Jobs was fond of textures in apps, like that provided by skeuomorphism - it adds a flavor, or mental hook, to raw information)

Like when the app gets just the right fit, it has almost a certain swagger for me (albeit... the nerdiest possible kind of swagger). That's amplified somehow by having open windows across my three screens at my home office, and switching between them w/ keyboard controls.

Apple Notes: love this for work notes. I think it synchs well, to devices  and you can embed images and what not. Somehow I don't have a good feeling about Apple managing my data as a forever home, but work notes is generally not needed on that kind of scale.

Simplenote: excellent synching and search, and cool in a minimalist text-only way. This is sort of my catchall, and my using the text string FINDME as a casual tag, I've stopped trying to keep it at all sorted... it really akin to a big pile of stickies. ("Bear" was another similar app with more of a focus on markdown text)

Tot: as mentioned great for my main Todos, with its 6 extra notes used for various "To Get Tos" (music to get, books to check out, movies and shows to watch, games to play, etc)

2Do: Still like this for recurring todos, daily or weekly tasks or other time sensitive stuff. (Appigo Todo was pretty good as well, but didn't have as rich a sense of categories.) The free synching via Dropbox always felt slow, so I didn't keep using the desktop client for it.

Apple + Google Calendar: Google seems to be the easiest way to share a calendar - huge in a relationship. And I can import work's Outlook Calendar into it as well

k/db: this is a weird little homebrew database I made for keeping track of stuff like "media I've consumed" and "old coworkers"

But it's funny even with all these systems I always know what's what and where to go to look for stuff.