Friday, March 29, 2013

getting used to osx

Now that OSX is my main work machine, I'm adapting to it pretty well.

A while back I wrote why windows' taskbar beats osx' dock and I have to recant on part of it... I think I've adapted pretty well to cmd-tab switching apps rather than open windows. In particular, it's often useful to switch to Finder and see the context of the last 2 or so windows I've been shoving files around.

I still suspect OSX isn't quite as strong in its keyboard support (jumping words etc w/ ctrl-arrow key and what not) but I'm adapting to it as well. And sometimes I'm frustrated that it's a little tough to see if I'm in Chome or Firefox without looking at the top of the screen... but given how terrific it feels to have a bona fide terminal window, the tradeoff is probably worth it.

Sometimes I feel a little self-conscious going with Apple, because of a sophomoric "well that's what anybody who's anybody has done" factor. Though just recently referenced a serious academic study that implies looking at the Apple logo makes you a bit more creative, by the power of association, than the IBM logo.
I'm Feeling Smarter Already!

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