Friday, August 30, 2013

make war, not love (for static content)

Updates have been sparse this summer! I guess some of that reflects the work I've been doing, a little less glamorously front-endy and sometimes more proprietary.

One project is using JBoss, which by nature is a bit less free-and-easy than the "here's the exploded war, just go edit the content!" defaults of Tomcat/Apache.  I had a front end to deploy on it that was strictly static content.

The easiest way to make a .war for static content seems to be to have your static html etc in a directory, include an empty "WEB-INF" directory in that,  and then (assuming "webclient" is both the name for the output file .war and the folder itself) from the directory above do:

jar cvf webclient.war -C webclient/ .

Simple enough.

I guess there may well be ways of getting JBoss to let you edit static content in place, but I didn't research them yet.

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