Sunday, September 28, 2014

the processing/processing.js gap

Trying to learn about making some prettier graphs I decided to resurrect an old "drag the anchor and control points of bezier curve" toy I made a while back.

You can play with the toy here. I had a harsh lesson making the web/processing.js version once the processing (Java) version was working fine: I had overloaded the processing functions line() and bezier() to take a new Point class, but in the Javascript translation, that had overshadowed the native functions full stop -- without Java's object typing, it couldn't tell which version I wanted to call.

The fix was simply renaming the functions to something that didn't collide with the built-in functions. I often say processing.js is a "good 90-95% solution" for translating Java to js, but that remaining 5-10% is pretty confusing to debug!

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