Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"the problem with angular"

A friend tweeted me The Problem with Angular. The tl;dr is that A. the syntax is very server-coder minded (I've noticed the resemblance to JSTL etc before) and that it's not super-performant. Personally, I also note that it's not particularly easy to model what's going on in your head.

One disagreement I have is with this bit:
Although there are front-enders that are enthusiastic about Angular, I have the feeling that their number is surprisingly low for a major framework.
Personally, I've seen the opposite, I'm kind of impressed by the number of supporters vs how many places I see using it.

As has been said before:

Working on getting to one of the peeks. I think; I wonder if Angular 2.0 combined with WebComponents will make it less relevant rather than more, as time goes on...

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