Thursday, February 19, 2015

scrum/kanban standup timer

PROBLEM: In our retrospective, it was brought up that sometimes the daily standup meeting drags, in part because we get too focused on a ticket, solving-problems, etc.

(PARTIAL) SOLUTION: , a trivial webapp (on the same shared desktop screen) with a simple stopwatch to quietly keep track of time elapsed and a notepad to jot down what should be tabled and discussed at the end of the stand up. When the elapsed time is greater than the goal time, it simply changes to red - enforcement is still up to the team.

TECH NOTES: Not a lot to report. In order to try and strengthen good habits I put it in a self-executing anonymous function block, though it's meant to be standalone. (I can't wait until Web Components become everyone's standard goto for this stuff -- it would provide a parallel kind of wrapping for the HTML and CSS that we have for Javascript. (And the Javascript, for that matter, without needing the awkwardness of the block.)

I also thought localStorage was about the right level of persistence for the goal time and table'd item textarea; enough to be lightly persistent, but no worries about the server grabbing information.

I was thinking about making a gong play or something when time was elapsed, but it just seemed like would be distracting.

I do dig being able to whip up things like this in short order.

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