Monday, March 9, 2015

on the new macbook air

So most of the fuss in Apple Land today is about the watch, but I'm also intrigued by the new 12" Macbook Pro; I read this Gizmodo overview Apple Messed Up on the MacBook Air Again.

My vision with glasses is about 20/20 but personally I never ever notice the difference in screen resolution between my MacBook Air and my work Retina Macbook Pro. "1440 x 900 is a pitifully small resolution for modern times" seems like complete hyperbole to me, though I understand some people are more sensitive to the difference.

This new 12" thing is said to be very low-powered, and the compromises so wonky... this cartoon has never felt more true:

It's amazing what a completely adequate fulltime computer the other two Macbook Airs have proven to me for me (though disk space can be a bit tight); I guess I need to see what's going on with the keyboard and touchpad on the new model hands-on before I judge, but with the reduced processor and continuation of "thinness at any cost" aesthetic, I wonder if it is some kind of return to the netbook aesthetic...

...and that means with iPhone 6+ squeezing the iPad below, and then this kind of 'tweener system squeezing it from above... I could see the iPad line becoming the MacMini of Apple's portable technologies; there because it makes money, does some things well, and can easily piggyback on developments on its sibling systems. (I'll be enthused about a larger iPad Pro, especially if they started catering to artsy-types, swallowed their pride, and went for native support for a stylus. Swallowing their pride isn't Apple-like, but it has happened...)

And FWIW, I agree with the opinion that while it's not outside the realm of possibility but I'd be surprised if the Apple Watch becomes a gangbuster success.

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