Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kirk 15K!

It's my 15K Day - I am 15,000 Days Old, exactly.
To commemorate this, I revamped an old Javascript toy, and am launching it as
Plug in a birthday or other big date, and it will show you the upcoming interesting superday milestones, or you can use its calculator to figure out the seconds / hours / minutes / days / weeks between 2 dates (or vice-versa)

The design isn't as responsive as I hope to make it yet, and I didn't bother to wrap the Javascript, but I think I really did good work on the interface, especially the milestone "superdays" calculator. When I observed myself showing off my original javascript date toy, I realized I was plugging in random powers of 10, and hoping there was an "interesting" day in the near future. (I also realized how important a "reset to today" button was.) That seems like something a computer could better than human!

First I had to figure out what milestones were "interesting"... eventually I realized it was powers of ten that happen rarely, but not TOO rarely... between 2-3 years.

My first thought was to print up a list of upcoming superdays, and then have a next arrow to get the next set of ones happening after that. (Or maybe a previous arrow to go back) But I was worried the list would be uneven... 10,000 hours happens every year or so, 1,000 days happens every 3, roughly. I then decided giving each its own little widget would work better:
Later, I realized moving the widgets so the presented dates were in chronological order made more sense than any other arbitrary ordering. 

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