Thursday, May 14, 2015

tabs 2015 = taskbar 2005

Years ago, before I switched to OSX pretty much fulltime, I wrote why windows' taskbar beats osx' dock. I've acclimated to dock pretty well, and have grown to appreciate its minimalism.

My coworkers were teasing me for tending to run many chrome windows, vs leaning more heavily on tabs, and I admit that I was having trouble finding specific windows sometimes, even with Hyperdock's "show a thumbnail of every window on hover" feature. So I've been trying to limit myself to one chrome window, and I have to admit it's created a nice decluttering effect to my desktop life. I think "out of site, out of mind" was too much the rule when I started using more windows.

It occurs to me that the tab bar is almost exactly the same thing as the old Windows taskbar - a (generally horizontal, though I'm not convinced that's the optimal use of space) list of open things, one tab or button per "activity".

There's nothing new under the sun, I guess!

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