Wednesday, July 15, 2015

headline of the moment

Headline of the Moment: Computer Programming To Be Officially Renamed “Googling Stackoverflow”

It makes me wonder how Stackoverflow succeeded where, say, failed (maybe because it was one dash away from looking like "expert sexchange").

Also, I'll bet you few people specifically google for Stackoverflow, it just tends to be near the top of Google results, and generally reliable.


  1. Experts-Exchange failed because they were pretty slimy. It was free for awhile until they accumulated a bulk of answers and got good placement on google results. Then went to a paid model where you had to pay to participate, find answers, etc. But they gave different results to the google bot, so google would still cause them to show up as useful search results.

    (Although you could usually still find the real answer if you were patient enough to dig through the resulting page, but they tried to hide it to convince you to pay them money)

    1. Yes, despite me going for the cheap joke, I think you're exactly right. expertsexchange went downhill before the rise of Stackoverflow; it was a dark time :-D