Sunday, September 27, 2015

ezslots - slots for the masses!

For years, the most popular link on my site has been a simple jquery slot machine effect. At the encouragement of a fellow developer (Ron Sparks), I have parlayed that into a proper github project. Maintaining the simplicity was key; there's another similar project that has stolen my google juice thunder, but it's more complex than what I have, so I have worked to Keep It Simple, Silly, so a novice coder can more readily customize it to the effect they want.

Improvements include:

  • under 100 (well-commented) lines!
  • wrapped as an instance
  • being available on github
  • allowing images to be used
  • each reel can have its own options
  • you can call the "win()" function rather than "spin()" and it will show a pre-selected result

So, go to the github project see it in action at the sample page.


  1. Hello is there a way of increasing the duration of the spin. If I increase the time value in the code it only slows down the animation.

  2. Hmm. I just commited a version that sort of gets to what you want, in terms of making the number of slots flying past proportionate to the time. But unfortunately it spends a lot more time with the animation for that and the effect is not satisfactory :-/