Friday, November 13, 2015

quick and dirty web server directory php

DISCLAIMER: I sometimes use this blog as a general repository for my future self to refer to, and one indication code might be worth sticking here is when I go to look for it. But it's not always best-practice or production-ready stuff.

Anyway, that disclaimer out of the way... sometimes I use the default Apache directory viewer, but other times I want more fine grained control over its appearance or what files get included. This PHP code seems to work pretty well for me. (The escaping might be a little wonky, but just replacing single quotes worked while urlencode() did not.)

  $path = ".";
  $blacklist = array("index.php");
  // get everything except hidden files
  $files = preg_grep('/^([^.])/', scandir($path)); 

  foreach ($files as $file) {
    if (!in_array($file, $blacklist)) {
      $url = str_replace("'","&#39;",$file);
      echo "<a href='$url'>$file</a>\n"; 

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