Tuesday, December 1, 2015

my minigames advent calendar

For the past 5 or 6 years I've been doing annual "advent calendars": 25 digital toys or games, each one unlocked every day in December up until Christmas.

While 2014's Ed Emberley is still my favorite, I think this years is a ton of fun... I went over all the games I've made in Processing over the years, picked 25 of the most interesting, made sure each was playable in a modern browser (meaning in processing.js vs Java applets, or in p5.js when I needed to use a javascript-based port of Box2D), and added sounds when it seemed useful,.

In 2012 I started using processing.js for these (and called it "html5 advent" to be buzzword compliant.) In 2013 and for the Emberley I made sure everything was touch friendly- that presented some tough UX issues. This year I didn't worry about that so much, I figure my limited audience will mostly be enjoying these in a browser, and so a few games make use of the keyboard or have similar mechanics that make more sense with the mouse (and its ability to "hover" without clicking). But most of them work ok on phones and tablets as well.

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