Monday, May 23, 2016


I followed a slashdot article about node.js to this rather bizarre take about functional programming, and from there rediscovered the short programming (or post-progammin) essays of James Hague. (I especially liked  You Don't Read Code, You Explore It, but his "Previously" links on each essay are so well-chosen that it's a very easy rabbit hole to go down.)

It took me a minute to remember I was familiar with some his previous work, specifically Halcyon Days, a series of interviews with some great creators of the golden age of video games. At one point I owned the 3.5" floppies of these, but its been available for free, online, for much longer than that. Great reading. (Also Hague is a fan of Susan Lammers' Programmers at Work, some truly lovely interviews, mostly "serious" programmers but the interview with the designer of Pac-Man is a treat.)

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