Sunday, August 14, 2016

imagemagick's mogrify to fix ios exif image rotation issues

Digital Photography Circa 1996 -
cyberpunk gargoyle!
A while back I grumbled about what a hot mess EXIF handling was - how iOS photos tended to always store photos line up with the cameras lens and ignoring orientation for the raw data, but then putting in an EXIF header about how the viewer should rotate it, and some browsers did that, and others didn't and it was generally gross.

At some point in the past I found the fix, but I didn't post about it 'til now- maybe I was holding off 'til I could check it working across different browsers, but I haven't seen an issue for a long time, so-
mogrify -auto-orient imagename.jpg
does the trick.

Sometime in the last year or two I made my blogs upload system both resize the uploaded photo to the appropriate width, as well as store it at original size. Wish I had done that years ago, it really lets my blog be a better archive.

If you like seeing a subjective history of digital photography, starting July on my blog (16th or so) and ending today I've been posting a "dozen best photos of the year"... it's been satisfying kind of mentally revisiting those years, getting back some lost time.

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