Monday, February 13, 2017

fun with word line art

I'm a member of BABAM!,  the "Boston Area Brigade of Activist Musicians", a loose affiliation of folks across various pre-existing HONK! groups.

In the past I've made up some stretchable tuba covers (pretty good custom site for them, there) that identifies the group I'm marching with - it's a convenient place to put a billboard, even though I don't like how it obscures some of the goofy Seuss-ian beauty of the Sousaphone.

Here's the new design:

I wanted to outline what the acronym stood for without nerdily just writing it out in big block letters. I also wanted to keep a bit of a homespun, lowkey look. My solution was to use a special tool in the iPad program "Sketch Club" that lets you draw with words, so to speak. I had to adjust and paint with "  ACTIVIST MUSICIANS BOSTON AREA BRIGADE " so that the lines were more clear, and start with leading spaces because of quirks in the line angle, but overall I'm happy with how it came out.

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