Sunday, December 24, 2017

asssteroidsss and sound generation

I used to make small games fairly regularly, often for Glorious Trainwrecks. Sadly this might be my first (and last, I suppose!) game of the year...

Pippin Barr (who has a great blog) made a set of games called Sibilant Snakelikes, older games as seen through a classic Snake game lens (his take on Shadow of the Colossus is especially great)

Since I was in middle school, I've used the idea of "move something on screen with an x/y position by only adjusting an xspeed and yspeed variable and adding them to x and y position every clock tick" - it's a very easy to program way to get a pleasing sense of motion in a game world. (The pinnacle of exploiting this was probably my Atari 2600 mashup JoustPong)

Atari's Asteroids used a roughly similar physics, albeit with more sophisticated rotations, so I wanted to see what happens if I further shoehorned it into the quantized world of Snake -

You can see the game and fiddle with its code here. One thing it's doing is using the P5.js sound libraries to make the notes - I really like this approach, having all the graphics and the sounds embedded in one file as text is a great throwback to the old 8-bit type bit computer magazines, vs having external graphics and sound files. Unfortunately, the library isn't super clearly documented, and mixed up with the functions that rely on external mp3s or wavs... If my understanding firms up I'll try to write more on it. (I'm tempted to make my own mini-sequencer from it...)

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