Saturday, January 20, 2018

gruber's 2002-era daring fireball

I was a fairly late switcher to Mac (2013 or so, with some dabbling beforehand) so reading 2002 Daring Fireball's That Finder Thing - the then new-ish OSX paradigm for navigating the file system, was interesting - it's still a bit of a hybrid mess now to be honest, and I could see that a return to a "spatially-oriented" paradigm, where a given folder (and its view) could only exist at one place on the screen, so to speak - would have been cool - though  I don't understand if you can navigate down to a subfolder without leaving a trail of containing folders in its wake...

I think it was something about the demise of of Textism's Dean Allen led me to this page, where Gruber talks about the origin of Daring Fireball, especially the name.)

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