Wednesday, March 28, 2018

the past future of ui in the new blade runner film

Like the Star Trek series that are shot in modern times yet need to look "more primitive" than the 1960s era original, Blade Runner 2049 faced some fascinating design challenges to work within the Zeerust, especially in their UIs.

Cantina Creative and Cisco Torres' Blade Runner 2049 UI page is a great portfolio by some of the people who made them... this is the best collection of shots.

Territory Studio also has a project page and a glamour reel on vimeo, or see this Animation World Network interview with them.

Also great coverage from Engadget.

Like I said at the time, I don't know what comes after the transition in UI from skeuomorphism to "flat design", but if "slightly fuzzy remakes of Blade Runner's 80s vision of the future", I wouldn't mind so much.

INTERFACE LOVE'S Blade Runner tag has a lot of stuff, mostly about the original - actually their main page has tons of interesting sci-fi UI studies - highly recommended. And fans typography might also like Typeset in the Future for the fonts. Also kitbashed has some fascinating behind the scenes look at assembling the hardware of Star Wars.

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