Wednesday, May 23, 2018

tricks from class

Not a lot to say these days - I've learned a lot about React and Redux but nothing I feel sure enough about to be teaching on.

A few tricks I learned in class on it- in Chrome's Developer Tools, if you use the "Select an element on page to inspect it tool", you'll see a "==$0" next to it, which means "$0" is an object you can refer to by that name in the console.

Another handy thing was the sort-by js library - seems like a pretty friendly way of establishing the field order you want to use to sort objects.

Finally, DOMListener seems like a good chrome plugin.

It is a little weird how dependent life for developers is on Chrome, and tools in general. React can be great because you have a clear tree with a single root for your whole widget, and there are React and Redux plugins to view that - but also, you kind of need that, in the same you need to embrace webpack etc and get away from life of just using <script src=""> for all your .js needs...

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