Friday, July 6, 2018

the chrono, the wall, the stream, the froth

Kottke posted a few links lumped as Did blogs ruin the web? Or did the web ruin blogs?

My favorite was How Blogs Broke the Web - Amy Hoy breaks down how the idea of adding a chronological underpinning to content, combined with "glamorous" tools to make that easy, changed the quirky, independent, handcrafted web.

(I switched my site (then my unix-name, now to a blog at the tail end of 2000.  I avoided some of what Hoy points out by my ability to make and fondness for handbuilt tools (Perl CGI at the time, now a mix of that and PHP). I made this devblog on bloger/blogspot on purpose, to see what it was like to use that kind of tool, and it's not bad, but it has turned out to be hard to customize.)

Anyway, it's interesting comparing her points on the chronological model reshaping the web with my take on what came later, the stream vs the froth - she only touches on how the stream/wall model made online content generation far more universal, and let people curate their collection of who they read without having to bounce from place to place, and thus killed the "blogosphere"... and then of course Reddit introduced a whole 'nother model that you can't even keep up with...

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