Monday, October 15, 2018

the stupid-idea-buddies buddy

My favorite Slack channel at work is #stupid-idea-buddies, where people can pitch product ideas and other concepts, free of fear from a negative response. (Inspired by Was Twitter a Stupid Idea)

I'd recommend a channel like this as a way of brainstorming (as well as venting passive-aggressive complaints) for any organization.

To give you a flavor of it, here are a few I posted and were particularly fond of:
#321 formation of a committee to determine the plausibility of "aggressive passive" behavior; for example, furiously hammering water
#1593 Make years start on March 1. This will have 3 big advantages:
1. meteorological seasons now line up year - starting with March/April/May spring, June/July/August summer, the school year starts with Sep/Oct/Nov Fall, and then Dec/Jan/Feb Winter
2. September and October now fall on their appropriate Latin numbers (7 and 8)
3. NFL season is no longer this weird ambiguity springing from regular seasons and playoffs of one "season" being in different years
#2718 Luggage with face detection that is also delighted to see you as it swings around the baggage carousel and can express that- makes you feel loved after a rough flight and helps you locate your bag. The name of this wonder-product? "emotional baggage" 
Anyway, I made up SIBB, the stupid-idea-buddies buddy! It is a little script that comes up with very stupid and formulaic original ideas: 
#2720 eights, but for teams [SIBB]
#2721 shops, but for rheumatisms [SIBB]
#2722 buns, but for lawyers [SIBB]
Minutes of entertainment!

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