Sunday, January 27, 2019

amazing playful interactive artsy stuff in browsers by david li

A friend linked to choir, an amazing software toy - a bit like my old favorite mobile app Bebot (a "robot synth") but with a choir and fascinating pseudo-photo-realistic visuals and physics.  (On my old Macbook Air, chrome struggled with it but firefox was fine, as was mobile.)

He has some other amazing works as well - "Character Soup" was a lot of fun with some probably relatively simple but well done fluid physics - the combination of that along with characters to make it less abstract is phenomenal.

Besides his git repository being there, he tweets a tiny bit about his methods - he's doing a lot of stuff in low level wasm and crosscompiling from C++.

Man! I wish I had the chops to code up fluids and 3D.

Also kudos to Adult Swim for sponsoring this kind of stuff.

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