Tuesday, September 24, 2019

autocompletely stupid

Could someone explain this to me? I want to look up the town of "Ocean Grove, NJ" (where my mom and my Aunt live... I'm trying to compute its distance to the infamous closed waterpark "Action Park")... I pop open Apple maps on my phone (for some reason on my desktop, Google Maps can't compute the distance.)

So I pop open the map and see...

Ok, typing an "o" looks promising, like it already knows what I might want to say... (well, except for the "oarking" bit, probably an old typo of mine?)

"oc" is even better...

and then "oce" gets me back to the crap I've never searched for in my life.

I'm trying to get a feel for what the algorithm thinks it's doing here... why getting more specific makes it thinks the more-local-to-me-now is now more important than the something-that-I-searched-for-in-the-past...

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