Wednesday, December 18, 2019

browser diversity

Coworker terribledev writes
Microsoft has been working over the past year to re-write edge off of its own Trident rendering engine and UWP app platform and instead building edge off Chromium (the platform chrome is built on). The windows community has dubbed this version of edge “credge” or Chromium-Edge smashed together.
You can download the chromium edge onto your mac today, by downloading the beta release. release of chromium edge will happen the first quarter of next year, and will even probably drop in January.
On windows, This new version will have a built-in IE11 compatibility mode.
I suspect many enterprises will adopt edge, due to its IE11 compatibilities, and the fact that it will be getting the latest updates.
I guess in general it's good to be avoiding the risk of monoculture in browsers, but of course the amount of testing needed goes up as well...

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