Friday, June 26, 2020

preventing nativeEvent offsetX / offsetY from being blocked by child

"Last night Wes Bos saved my life"...

Well, it was this morning, not last night. And maybe "my life" is overstating it...

But Wes Bos (his React for Beginners class is stellar, and I need to get back to his Javascript 30 - seems like serious playful fun) had a tweet that was hugely useful.

For yesterday's bad react paint program turning into a music tracker, I added a large row hilight div, but it became obvious as the hilight kept jumping that it was blocking the handleMouseMove logic that was getting
const { offsetX: x, offsetY: y, buttons } = e.nativeEvent;

(The offsets were wrong, I guess because the "target" was changed)

That tweet thread suggested some weird updated math when the event target wasn't the current thing (but how to get the "current thing" in React is a little weird?) but luckily there's a trivial (and oddly CSS-based!) solution: on the child element, putting

pointer-events: none;

lets the parent div do all the math.

(That explains why some of the pixels in my bad paint program show up in the top left corner...)

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