Saturday, August 15, 2020

binary clocks (weird ways of showing time, and recreational programming)

Years ago I bought my Uncle Bill one of those geeky binary clocks... just for fun this weekend I made up a virtual version of that, along with a few variations...

I love both playing with different ideas of representing time and just being able to do recreational programming in general, take a few hours and make an idea like this a reality.

P5.js is such a good choice for that, for stuff you want to be able to run in a browser, and with maximum flexibility.

Because I knew I'd want multiple instances of clocks on a page with explanatory text in between, I had to use p5's "instance" mode. The structure got a little wonky but was kind of fun to see what code could be shared among the variants - I wanted to make sure both that things were efficient (and so not needlessly refreshing each clock at 20/30 FPS or whatever) but also that all the clocks were well in synch...

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