Wednesday, April 21, 2021

mac bias and the joy of giant screens

I have few illusions that I have huge masses waiting with bated breath for my next dev blog post, but I feel bad when a month only has a few sparse posts. My excuse is, my sweetie and I have been moving into a new condo! 

I haven't been doing much work on my current freetime project, the splash-o-matic 2600, but today I picked it up again. 

One feature I threw in: a mode where left mouse button draws and the right mouse button erases. I've seen that in other homebrew Atari editors, but it seemed kind of corny to me. But I've come around: for a system so based on boolean values for pixels, it makes sense, and I can see that it was my "but Macs only have one mouse button!" bias that influenced my thinking - even though I've been using a 2 button mouse ever since I rearranged my desktop and put my laptop on a stand. 

One problem was in chrome etc, right clicking would pull up a context menu - this stackoverflow had a pretty clean solution: (specific to p5, which adds a "p5Canvas" class to its canvases) 

function setup() {
  for (let element of document.getElementsByClassName("p5Canvas")) {
    element.addEventListener("contextmenu", (e) => e.preventDefault());

Speaking of rearranging desktops - early on in COVID quarantine I got an extra monitor to use in vertical/portrait mode, along with a large-ish 28" Samsung monitor. But in the interest of a less cluttered desktop and few wires (and arguably less blatant geek "virtual signaling") I've replaced those two with a single 32" LG monitor - one in a close to "normal" ratio, not those Cinemascope-esque wide wide things. 

It's great - especially when combined with SizeUp that lets me use keyboard commands to throw windows to half or quarter the screen - it's like having 2 side-by-side portrait mode monitors. (I remember how proud I was of my "massive' geek-sized" CRT in college... must've been 19" - and each "half monitor" is a bit larger than that now. And it's really elegant looking, not quite as amazing in design as those new iMacs - like it's less colorful, but has the same tilt up pivot, and is larger and cheaper! 

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