Friday, June 18, 2021

old man yells at (the) cloud

Or Web-Development is running into the wrong direction.

It does make one ponder the Rise and Fall of JQuery.

I think its main problem is that it never had a great solution for how to tie in buttons on their actions, and frankly pre fat-arrow and pre-good-scoping Javascript was a mess... anytime you had to think about "this" was a trainwreck.  And there wasn't a great way to import a module. 

And now, most of the standardization it provided is handled with more mature browsers and a lot of the syntactic sugar is moved into vanilla JS. But You May Not Need JQuery as a translation glossary demonstrates that many of the ideas it brought to the table were worth keeping.

Still, I think it's more a need to make front end programming feel more like back end programming is what stinks right now. "front end programmers won't feel respected and be happy til they have a build process that's as long as the back end" was my prophecy, and I think that's about right. 

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