Friday, September 24, 2021

low-key but excellent improvement in iOS 15: calendar time editing

 Many people praise the return of the "maginify loupe" in iOS 15, letting you more easily see what you're highlighting just a bit a part from your big ol', but I just stumbled on an improvement I'm even more grateful for: iOS 14's calendar entry edit field was a mess. Here it is on iOS14 (on my sweetie Melissa's phone):

This is what you see in edit mode and go to edit the start time - a text-ish input for the time appears underneath what you clicked to edit it. I always found that unintuitive, to have 2 fields meaning the same thing, one editable - especially since it was easy to conceptually mix up with the other field beneath it, the one for End time.

But earlier I had been denoted that on my iOS 15 phone, the old "tumblers" are back!

I find those tumblers a small delight to use, just a nice little bit of kinetic action - and as you roll it around to find the hour, you get a sense of where you are are in a 12 hour period that you lack tapping in digits. Maybe more importantly, the value display is much more distinct from the value edit field. Win-win!

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