Tuesday, November 9, 2021

drawing and recording shapes, then scaling fun for a birthday card

 I like making little interactive virtual birthday and/or holiday cards for friends, usually in P5.

Since my friend Jon helped me with the 1D-fisheye zoom effect I put the same effect on x and y and came up with this fun zoomy effect card:

To record the freehand shapes (which, you know, add a personal touch relative to just having formatted text display) I wrote little programs for recording shapes using screen coordinates and recording normalized (0<n<1) values. You freehand draw shapes, and then press any key and it spits out the drawing commands. (I guess I could have recorded as JSON, but whatever). 

On a related note (the joy of making little art programs) this medium article Clive Thompson describing his doodling technique and a little browser app he made for it. Charming and pleasant!

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