Monday, November 13, 2023

TLDRing the TLDRs

 Last week I worked on catching up on my backlog of developer newsletter links (Mostly TLDR, TLDR Webdev, Frontend Focus and JavaScript Weekly. The first two I'm on the fence about; getting an update every weekday can be overwhelming if you start to slip behind.) 

Here are some of the most interesting links (a few are from other sources.)

From Akamai to F5 to NTLM... with love. - truly scary tale of some greyhat hacking. Hosting infrastructure has gotten so complex that truly weird vulnerabilities can emerge.

This article on lessons from tiny development teams got me thinking about Pieter Levels, who famously makes thousands and thousands from a few of his projects that found their niche, and yet his stack is PHP+JQuery. Here's more on side hustles.

Habits of Great Software Engineers got me thinking about the constant tension between thwarting long term technical debt and always looking for the flavor of the week - see also this piece on striving to keep well away from the leading edge of technology

Solve the problem, not a different more difficult problem - know when to do a one off.

Nice tutorial with interactive bits on Conflict-free Replicated Data Type - basically the data structure you need to keep shared editable resources online in sync. I think I independently reinvented some of these core ideas for my own, a shared online whiteboard.

Good reminder of six high level concepts any senior engineer should be fluent in

Interesting article It's 2023, here is why your web design sucks. - the design and the engineering got too far separated, possibly for sexist reasons.

More web tool kit specfic

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