Sunday, October 16, 2011

yadb - yet another dev blog

This is my new blog, designed to help me keep track of things I've learned about UI and UX development. For now, that means a lot jQuery, with some general HTML5, CSS, and design thrown in.

This isn't just meant as a "notes to myself" blog, though I'm not expecting any big following. Besides replacing my private database of developer notes I've been keeping, this blog might serve to give potential employers and coworkers insight into how I think about UI... it's a little scary because I might inadvertently air some "dirty laundry", places where my opinion goes against conventional wisdom, or times when I'm willing to make shortcuts in the name of expediency, or otherwise let my old curmudgeonly hacker self shine through. On balance I think it will be worth the risk.

My job title is "UI Engineer", and I think UI is a fun place to be: it's the boundary of where the people meet the machines, and boundaries are always interesting areas. In my experience, there are two types of UI/jQuery developers: design people who are pushing to be engineers, and engineers who are pushing to be design people. I'm in the latter category, and I'd like to think that gives me a bit of edge in making powerful, delightful, "juicy" UIs, even as I have my own challenges in learning great design and graphic arts.

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