Thursday, June 12, 2014

arrange icons by face

The excellent site Lost in Mobile linked to this Mashable piece about alternate ways to organize your mobile app icons. It reminded me of one time when I had some spare mental cycles during a conference and decided to arrange my iPad's icons by ones that had lazy, one-letter based icon design:

I then decided to do a screenful of "icons by face" (then vehicle) - admittedly these were mostly games.
Finally, this all reminded me of one of my favorite videos, the The Website is Down, and it's infamous bit starting at 7:50 -- "You can't arrange them by penis" (Obvioiusly language is a bit NSFW.)

All jokes aside, it's interesting how people use different methods to arrange icons, from the more OCD-ish and orderly (e.g. by name or color), by function, by "muscle memory", or some mix of all of those.

FWIW, here's how I arrange the icons on the device that's by far most important to me, my iPhone. (Lost in Mobile is running a "readers show us your homescreen" series, which is why this is so nerdily annotated. The site's forums are very civil, given how many Android and iPhone fans are onboard there.)

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