Thursday, June 12, 2014

thank skew very much

(Busy day on the blog!)
I'm doing the website for the JP Porchfest and we have a logo like this:

We were putting "A Music Festival on Porches / All Over Jamaica Plain" over it, but I thought it looked boring and not terribly professional:
I thought putting the text on the roof but slanting it like it was actually written there, would be cool to try out.

I wrote a program in Processing to let me rotate the text in various ways, but wasn't quite smart enough to get the order of rotations right.

Then I thought (hoped) maybe italics might be enough... but then I remembered html5/CSS has some transformations built-in ... those worked really well. Once I got the numbers right it was easy to churn out multiple variants of font and capitalization.

I think the winning design will be this, with (an actually appropriate use of) Comic Sans:
Anyway, you can look at that last link for how I did it.

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