Wednesday, December 31, 2014

animal advent ala ed emberley: director's commentary 11-15

Day 11: Bat

I might have made this one a little harder than it had to be... I should have made it a complex polygon-ish thing rather than a bunch of triangles (you can see the "skeleton" when it deconstructs.

I labeled each of the corners with letters, and this was the cheat sheet I used:
I liked the speed up / slow down inertia I put for the flapping cycle, rather than have it be "flapping / not flapping".

Day 12: Dachshund

This one was kind of fun. I was trying to think of an interaction (a friend suggested a hot dog bun could kind of float up and envelop the "dog" but that was kind of against the grain of the interactions and ended up with something a lot like Noby Noby Boy.  In theory it might have been better if it stayed on the screen a bit more. (I started a revamp that shrunk the dug down as it covered up more real-estaste, so it was always on the screen, but I ran out of gumption to finish it when it turned out to be uber-tricky to figure out, since I don't actually track where I'm drawing, I just use a series of rotations and translations.

Day 13: Shaggy Dog

This gal's "scribble" effect is unique among the puppets. It's subtle, but each scribbled segment redraws at random intervals. (Shades of "Dr Katz Therapist"'s Squigglevision.) I had some odd trouble between the Java/Javascript version and little "spikes" appearing, which I got under control but not completely resolved - I think it was some kind of rounding issue.

I think the tail wagging, head tilting, and ear adjustment give her a lot of personality

Day 14: Pig

Probably my least favorite of the puppets. (I had a coworker pick what to do next from the book... but I veto'd her first idea of this curly-doodled sheep, since I wasn't sure how to draw the curlicues.) It's about the only animal that's an outline rather than solid-filled, and I think that detracts. Also the interaction was nothing special, the tail unwinding a recycle of the trunk stretch I had already made for the elephant.

Day 15: Elephant

This one pleased me. It was about the third or fourth I had made, so I was hitting my stride a bit, and learning just how fiddly some of these could be! Sometimes the hardest part was the coloring in; when a kid is drawing, she has no problem doing "color in between these two lines", but when my program had it as two pre-defined shapes, it was a little tricky, and needed some cleverness in parts. In this case, the S (which was already a bit "interesting", constructed by 2 tangential circles) had to color in its top half but not its bottom.

Also I like how I made the trunk bend, by increasing the radius of the bottom circle while decreasing how much of the trunk arc it actually drew in.

Also, Go Tufts Jumbos!

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