Sunday, December 28, 2014

animal advent ala ed emberley: director's commentary 6-10

Day 6: Mice

This one didn't come out as well as I might've hoped. It's one of the few that has no action just on the mouse (in part because the original drawing wasn't very suggestive of animation.) I tried to make up for it by drawing many mice, but the 8 I first tried slowed things down too much in javascript mode, so I went to 3 in a classic "3 blind mice" mode. And I never got the switch from one circle to another as smooth as I thought it would be.

Day 7: Crow

One of my final entries. Kind of simple, but I love the way Emberley's "KAW" looks.
Day 8: Pelican

A good, middle-of-the-pack entry. A lot of personality with the puppetry, I think.

Day 9: Frog

This was the very first puppet I made, once I had the idea to make Emberley puppets. (I was inspired by a tiger I had put together for this year's advent calendar, before i had a theme.) I think it's really charming, and really set up the idea of trying to put in a little extra: the wiggle, the eye tracking, etc. A few puppets later I must have changed how I figured the stroke width for the deconstructed mode, the "D" forms are pleasingly chunky here.

Day 10: Crab

Not sure if I did this one before or after I visited Baltimore! Like the Pelican, I like the personality this one carries.

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