Tuesday, January 5, 2016

awesome year-end javascript and other fine newsletters

I recommend to Javascript Weekly to every front end developer; their recent Best of 2015 collection was fantastic. Specifically I liked a re-introduction to JavaScript (man, it's so funny how much productive work you can do while still getting rusty on some of the finer scoping details) and also A Baseline for Front-End/JS Developers. Other lesser links that week I liked: John Resig's annotated original jQuery source and The Problem with Angular that recapitulated many of my misgivings with the platform in a very adult-sounding way.

Email-based newsletters are intriguing; they seem to have great signal/noise ratios. Besides Javascript Weekly, I've been enjoying Dave Pell's NextDraft to be a great, smart view of the news. Recently, Shaun McGill (formerly of the nice Lost in Mobile blog) has thrown his hat into the ring with TiQ (timely. interesting. quick.) promising 5 tech items and 5 more general things every day.

(McGill's  How Did We Get to the iPhone essay (formerly on the web, now a cheap Kindle buy) is brilliant, and while I'll always look fondly back on the Palm, I now regret not having jumped on the Psion when it was around...)

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