Tuesday, January 5, 2016

cnet is a hot mess

Wow. Followed some clickbait from Facebook ("16 super-collectible 'Star Wars' toys your mom probably threw out") and got this usability disaster:
This is nearly maximized on my MacBook Air screen. Everything is fixed in place but half the screen real estate is take up ads and a ginormously padded navigation bar. The caption content is that piece on the lower right, and it actually starts with a big square-ish ad mirroring the LG banner ad above... I really had no idea where the content was at first. Once I figured out that I could scroll that part down to see the actual text (with weirdly wonky scrolling), I still couldn't read the right side of the text until I adjusted the browser to be less tall than the screen.

Oh wait, it gets worse: if you move the mouse over the right navigation arrow, a hovering social media bar pops up with an invisible background that blocks the clicking (and hover color change) for the top half of the arrow, even though all the visible content for the share this is way to the left:
What a joke.

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