Wednesday, February 17, 2016

textdrag: faux-physical text pathing

I'm taking an online graphics design class. I admit, I'm not super impressed with "Sketch" (at least in terms of what I can already do pretty quickly in html vs what I'd have to learn to use it really well) and "Illustrator" seems like a bit much, but I've been on the lookout for ways of manipulating text... specifically putting lines on curves and what not.

I hacked up an online tool 'textdrag', based on this old Processing example Follow 3 - I've always enjoyed that example's physicality of dragging stuff around, and it seemed like a easy-ish way to manipulate text:
(Also I thought using eval to let users hack a JSON block was an ok balance of flexibility and laziness on my part.)

UPDATE: at the implied suggestion of my Graphics Design mentor I've turned this into a codepen.

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