Friday, October 14, 2016

if your nose runs and your feet smell you must be umopepisdn

Less-than-earthshaking update:

Playing with the look of this blog. For a long while I just had it mirror the oversized image of Now I'm mirroring the starkness of, but I'm not sure it's really working.

Anyway, keeping notes on day-to-day things is crucial for most developers. For a few weeks I've tried a new angle on it, a single note in Evernote (I generally prefer the minimalism of Simplenote, but I use that for my personal stuff and like keeping the work stuff separate) called the "UPSIDEDOWN LOG". I'm experimenting with reverse chronological order (even for intraday additions), I just like how the past recedes into the distance and I don't have to scroll to the bottom all the time to add new stuff.

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