Wednesday, January 25, 2017

a rorschach lava lamp

A while back a person named Esteban Hufstedler made a really cool Processing program that made awesome, lava-lamp-ish moving patterns, much like the mask Rorschach wore in the movie "Watchmen". It included a mode to see how the effect was done, and some other settings to play with to get different results. I took the defunct-ish original and made the tiny changes to let it work in the browser: (albeit a bit more slowly than in the original Java mode)

See it at

Great stuff. has a bunch of neat creations, it's too bad there's a whole generation of stuff that doesn't run without tweaking.

(FOLLOWUP: I got in touch with the original author on Facebook, and he mentioned the general idea is based on metaballs (meta, not meat.))

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