Saturday, January 21, 2017

tidying the dropbox root folder and using it to restore settings and other mac tips

Lost in Mobile posted Jacob Salemla's Using Dropbox For An Easy Restore Of All Your Computer’s Settings but I was more intrigued by his suggestions Unclutter your Dropbox Root Folder using chflags on Mac - many applications that have a Dropbox storage option tend to jam a new folder on the root level of Dropbox, which is not a good look, and this lets you tuck them away elsewhere.

Anyway, Jacob Salemla's blog might be worth keeping an eye on skimming through the archive; lots of Raspberry Pi / AdBlocker/ Malware stuff with some Star Trek Tomfoolery as well. Some fun entries: MacOS's "say" command with various voices is worth keeping in mind though I haven't thought of a terrific use for it (though I did use to make the samples for my 7-minute workout app) Also opendiff is something I remember wanting way back when, doing a visual "diff" of two text files

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