Thursday, June 21, 2018

note to self Mac/OSX/MacOs keys / window manager dock program hyperdock

It's gratifying when I can do a simple search and dig up an old devblog post and use of share the information, and frustrating when my auto-Google mojo is weak. For some reason I couldn't find the name of an app I like to use "Hyperdock" which lets me set up some keypresses to zip windows to the side of the screen (in particular a typical large monitor window splits very nicely into two pieces.) (FOLLOWUP: I've started using SizeUp for the window management, since it has a mode for "bottom half of the screen" (crucial for portrait mode monitors) and also I've added Hyperswitch into the mix, merely to correct a behavior that was bugging me)

2020 Update: I went on a rampage of getting rid of lesser used apps sitting on the system status menu area - I think SizeUp and HyperSwitch do what I wanted HyperDock for, plus HyperSwitch fixes one bit of MacOS dumbness. Plus HyperDock seems confused, asking me to register even though I bought it through the AppStore. So, out it goes.

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