Sunday, September 23, 2018

hand wavey gestures

I use HyperDock on Mac, my favorite feature is using option-cmd-arrow to toss around windows, make them either full-screen or half-screen, an easy way to neaten up the workspace plus I realize it feels a bit like a keyboard based version of all those hand-wavey gestures Tom Cruise uses in Minority Report or Tony Stark in Iron Man movies.

(That said I don't think I'd like actual hand wavey gestures all that much. It's easy enough to make mistakes and get startling behavior just with plain old touchpad gestures.)

My friend Ari recommends SizeUp - I like it because HyperDock didn't really have an option for "bottom half of the screen" (which was unfortunate since I run one of my monitors in "portrait mode". I kind of preferred HyperDock's method of toggling between the moved state and the previous position, but still SizeUp is not bad for $12, and I like how it had a little transparent indicator in the center of the screen telling you what just happened.

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