Friday, November 9, 2018

grumble grumble

Trying to follow a piece of data get mangled in a relatively declarative-style code base is a pain.

(FOLLOWUP: More specifically, the code in question was implicitly manipulating a lot of data for a financial estimation calculator - there was the display format (and my task was internationalizing that), the internal format used to do the math, and then the format for editing (i.e. you might want to display a money value with a currency symbol and a thousand place separator, but you remove it when the user is editing that value) It was frustrating when the "to" and "from" functions used in the reducer were each called like 2 or 3 times for every field. The correct solution turned out to be doing a "typeof" in the "toNumber()" routine, and if the argument was a string call the locale-aware number parsing function, and if it was a number just returning the number.  Now I'm not the biggest fanboy either of declarative styles (I still think event-driven code be a bit more sane- or at least easy to figure out what's messing up when things go awry) or of strict typing in javascript, but this experience made me thing the two might go well together.)

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