Tuesday, June 11, 2019

trivial invoice tool hack

I've been doing more and more Porchfests, and most have some level of budget for my web design, engineering and hosting - which means I need to send out invoices.

There are several free online tools out there, but all with the little bits of UI weirdness that made me not like them, or they wanted me to sign up or some crap, so I decided to make my own simplistic hacky tool: https://kirk.is/tools/invoice/

The form populates itself from any GET parameters, and there's a button at the bottom to submit the current form and generate that GET/link for the current contents. All the inputs look like regular text, and so you can either make a screenshot and then send that, or put it in a PDF, or maybe print the page to a PDF file (the make link button will hide itself). Plus of course you can save the link with just your info, nothing specific to the client, and use that to start with each time.

Here's the link with the stuff filled in...

Again, no rocket science, but I think the idea of doing everything as a link is a little clever.

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